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Ever since it was founded in 1993, the National Hispanic Institute at Tip of Texas has been dedicated to creating leaders with the skills, attitudes, and competencies required to lead the Latino community of the 21st century. Since its inception, the region has served seven schools in the Brownsville area, including Saint Joseph Academy, Veterans Memorial High School, Hannah High School, Pace High Schoool, Lopez High School, Rivera High School, IDEA Frontier, and IDEA Paredes. 


As one of the most competitive regions participating at the Texas Great Debate, NHI at Tip of Texas has acquired five Second-Runner-Up titles, nine First-Runner-Up titles, and seven Silver Cup Championships. 


Our success in the past and our success in the future has been and will be, respectively, the result of the comittment, dedication, and perseverance of our alumni. For 25 years, NHI at Tip of Texas has served–and will undoubtedly continue to serve–as a model for leadership and excellence in the National Hispanic Institute.

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