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"I am having difficulty even finding the right words to convey just how grateful and impressed my husband and I are at the level of passion, commitment, and excellence put forth by all. I saw my daughter grow in confidence, research skills, preparation, public-speaking, use of technology, and managing competitive stress. I saw coaches selflessly dedicate so much time and effort to see that each kid was prepared to perform to the best of their abilities"

– Parent of Great Debate Participant 

“It was the best decision I’ve ever made. NHI changed me in different ways and made me grow as a person. At the beginning I was too shy I would sway back-and-forth out of nervousness; that was two months ago now I speak with confidence and passion, it was hard at first but I understood the concept and it became easy. Even though I didn’t make it to finals it was the best experience without a doubt. I’m excited to continue my journey with NHI.”

– Danna Rodriguez, Veterans Memorial High School

"To me NHI was an amazing experience. I had a lot of fun whether it was just practicing with my friends or staying up late fixing my line of questioning. I learned a lot of important skills through NHI, especially leadership and how to speak in public. It was a really great experience and I would definitely recommend it.”

– Zachary Edelstein, Veterans Memorial High School

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