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2023 Heads of Category Appointed!

After many hours of evaluation and deliberation, NHI at Tip of Texas is excited to announce that we have selected the individuals who will serve as the Head Coaches of each category.

Applicants were selected based on the extent of their prior involvement with the organization, the leadership capabilities they demonstrated throughout said involvement, and their ability to apply the principles of Immersive-Disruptive Learning as reflected in the nine-hour curriculum all candidates were asked to submit.


Alex Marquez was a Final-Four finalist at the first-ever GDx in 2020, a member of the Governor's cabinet at the 2021 California LDZ, and a finalist for the Thought Series at the 2022 International CWS. She also served as a JFL at the 2022 Texas Great Debate and as a member of the Mock Trial staff the past 2 years. She is presently a senior at Veterans Memorial High School.

"I am energized and incredibly honored at the opportunity to serve as Head Coach of Mock Trial," she said. "There's a reason we all come back year after year as coaches, and it's because of the incredible friendships and skills forged at NHI. I am looking forward to working with the Mock Trial staff and securing another Silver Cup in June!"


Marifer Solis participated and was a finalist in Cross Examination at the 2020 GDx. She is presently a senior at Veterans Memorial Early College High School.

"I am so thankful for this opportunity and excited to be the new head coach for cross examination. The skills learned in preparation for the Great Debate are not only used in competition, but can be used in the future as well. So excited for this NHI season!"


Carolina Meza is the Third Honor Student of the senior class at Veterans Memorial High School, where she is involved in several extracurriculars, including the National Honor Society and Technology Students of America. She has been involved in NHI since her freshman year, when she reached Final Four in the first-ever online Great Debate. Most recently, she attended the 2021 California Lorenzo de Zavala Youth Legislative Session, where she served as a Senator and co-authored a bill that was passed. She has served as an Oratory coach, and as a John F. Lopez Fellow for the 2022 Texas Great Debate and 2021 GDx1 and GDx2.

“I am honored to be entrusted by the Tip of Texas region with this privilege,” Meza said. “I look forward to ensuring the success and growth of our incoming participants,” she added. “After returning to in-person this year, I am excited to continue to live the Great Debate experience and to see what the future has in store for Tip of Texas.”


Audrey Berryman participated and placed in the Extemporaneous Speaking Final Four at the 2020 GDx, was a Senator and voted most promising leader at the 2021 California LDZ, and is serving in her second year as Head Coach of Extemporaneous Speaking. She is currently a senior at Veterans Memorial High School.

“I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to continue serving as the Head Coach of Extemporaneous Speaking. Being a part of the growth and improved confidence that creates powerful speakers is by far one of my greatest joys. My hope for this season is another win and to provide an experience that’s worthwhile for our new participants!"


In the next couple of months leading up to the beginning of training, these individuals will train and meet with the members of their staff to prepare for the upcoming season.


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